Spinal Fusion: Exploring the Process

How major a surgery spinal fusion is?

  • The first step is to make an incision to start the process. Different spine surgeons choose different methods. While some doctors prefer to make an incision from the front part of your body through your abdomen, your doctor may want to make a direct incision on your spine. Some doctor may also prefer to make an incision from the side of the body and make their way through your ribcage. But do not worry, because you will be put under anesthesia.
  • Next step is the bone grafting step. Bone graft is an absolute necessity in spinal fusion surgery. Your doctor will decide what type of bone grafting you need. It can be your own bone or it can be the bone of a donor or it can be a synthetic material that will allow your own bone to fuse. If your own bone is being used in the surgery, it will be taken from your pelvic area.

The Recovery Time:



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