Some Red-Flags That Your Pack Pain Need Emergency Care

  • If you are suffering sharp pain instead of a dull ache, it is a sign of a torn muscle or even a ligament. Alternatively, any problem with the internal organs in the back can also be a sign.
  • Radiating pain is yet another common sign that requires immediate medical attention. If the pain moves towards your glutes or legs, it is a sign of nerve compression.
  • Weakness in the legs is also a red flag for your back pain. Limb weakness is caused due to compressed spin nerves. It only happens due to sciatica. But, sudden weakness in the leg is a sign of stroke. Due to this reason, spine surgeons in Oklahoma recommend consulting experts, especially when the problems are serious.
  • Incontinence is yet another condition where the back pain comes with the inability to handle the bladder or bowel. Once again, it is a sign of nerve compression or even a spine infection like meningitis.
  • If you feel numbness or pins in your glute or groin area, it is a sign of serious nerve or a spine condition, which is known as saddle anesthesia. All these conditions require medical assistance or even surgery for decompressing nerves. It helps in reducing permanent damage.

Other Non-Spine Conditions That Cause Severe Back Pain

When You Must Go For Immediate Care For Back Pain?

Suffering From Severe Back Pain? We can help you!



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